As part of our continuing creative schools’ initiatives, we have an artist working in our school, in partnership with some of the teachers. It’s the TAP Programme, which is run in conjunction with our local Monaghan Education Centre. This year Mary Murphy from Armagh, who is a jewellery designer, explained all about her own work and craft as an artist and bespoke jeweller. The children asked lots of questions and after some brainstorming, it was decided to focus on the broad theme of the place we live in, especially in relation to autumn. The children went on walks to explore the locality, around the school or at home. They did some pencil drawings and are making booklets to reflect the seasonal theme. Their favourite drawings will be used for an etching workshop. It’s a great opportunity to develop creative skills in fine art. Tá na páistí ag baint taitnimh as an obair chruthaitheach seo!