For Creative Schools Week this year, the children were tasked with using their talents, skills and abilities to create something. D’oibrigh na páistí go díograiseach. Their creations ranged from baking, painting, making models of farms, chicken and bird houses, feadóg mhór, Sam Maguire, castles and towers, thatched cottage, dance stage, clock, soft toy, planets, Páirc an Chrócaigh, sea diorama,  lego, doing projects on various subjects of interest i.e. farming, minecraft, football, rugby, family, science, magnets, Maths, New York, Titanic, Greece, lighthouses, circus, poems, Ukraine, to designing a tourist mat, their first house and a dream house, building the Apollo Space Rocket and even producing a film! Talent in abundance gan dabht ar bith! They invited parents and grandparents to view all the projects. The children very much enjoyed presenting their creative projects and were able to say what inspired them, what the challenges were and how much they enjoyed the experience. Bhí siad an-bhródúil astu féin. Bainigí taitneamh as na grianghrafanna!