On Friday 11th June we had our school tour. We went to the Sliabh Beagh Adventure Centre. In the morning, there was a rush to get there but we did it.

The first activity was the turf stack. The next activity was the tug of war which my team lost both times. My team found the plank board activity extremely hard and we made our minds up not to race.

My favourite activity was the archery. It was so much fun! the helmets were cool. After that we took part in the obstacle course which was hard but my team won.

The school tour was sooo much fun and I wonder if it could get better. I guess I will have to wait until next year,

By Donnacha 3rd Class

On Friday 11th June we had our school tour. We arrived at the car park at 9.20am. When everyone was there we made our way across the road. We put on our blue bibs and went to the archery area. We were split into teams, Amy, Kaila, Ella, Emma and Emily on one and Conor T, Conor K, Katie, Ciarán, Darragh and I on another. We practised first then we played battle archery. My team won the first round and Amy’s team won the second and third rounds. After this we had our lunch.

When we all had finished eating we went into a pitch and played some mini games. We started by doing an egg and spoon race. Then we did some relay races. We went in a sack and had to jump to a cone then we grabbed the egg and spoon and ran to the other cone and back to the sack then jumped back. Then we did some running races. We also played a game of soccer.

We got out second lunch break then we made towers out of turf. After this we did the obstacle course, it was really good. I was against Conor T and I won! After this it was three o’clock. We played a few rounds of tug o’ war. It was really fun!

By Siobhán 5th Class