The children of Deravoy National School in Carrickroe have been learning about the curlew bird, a bird that is quite unique to the Carrickroe area and is a red listed species which indicates the highest threat category. Twenty years ago there were thousands of curlews to be seen in Ireland. But now unfortunately there are less than two hundred nesting pairs. Joe Shannon from Birdwatch Ireland came to the school to give a presentation on the curlew two years ago and instilled a great interest in the curlew and indeed an interest in biodiversity. It can be seen and heard around this time of the year as it comes to nest. The school is extremely fortunate to have a magnificent model of the curlew on view at the front of the school to mark National Curlew Day and the Curlew Conservation Project. This willow sculpture was created by Donegal based artist Brendan Farren and the children are absolutely thrilled to have this work of art to remind the whole school community and the people of the local area how significant the bird is and how valuable it is as part of our Irish heritage. Tuigeann said go bhfuil sé íontach tábhachtach an cuirliún a chaomhnú.

The iconic curlew is one of the most featured birds in Irish literature as poets from William Butler Yeats to Seamus Heaney referenced the curlew! So this bird once again has inspired the children to do poems, drawings, projects and models.