We had a wonderful trip to Bragan as part of an important project coordinated by the Tydavnet Group Water Scheme and Friends of Sliabh Beagh. Daniel Monaghan was our guide and the ranganna 4,5, 6 learned a lot about the history and the wildlife and the significance and importance of preserving Sliabh Beagh. He challenged the children to care of this part of their heritage for the generations to come. He brought them to the original forest, the last of the remaining birch trees that would have covered Sliabh Beagh for hundreds of years. The children learned how to measure a tree using a branch. They placed their crown of wild flowers at the Penal Cross to create happy memories as opposed to many sad memories from the past and as an acknowledgement of the hard work people done over the centuries. They spotted the hen harrier as they hiked down over the bog to Loch Bradán, where Daniel reminded everyone of the importance of biodiversity and how this bog has been here for hundreds of millions of years. The adventure finished with Daniel reciting Patrick Kavanagh’s poem on the cutaway bog. “The One” and there were a few songs on the way back to the bus. Daniel urged the children to remember this day. Thaitin an lá go mór le gach duine.  Bhí sé ar dóigh! Go híontach ar fad!