Deravoy N.S. Sports Day took place on Thursday 17th June. The weather was marvellous. It was sunny with a little bit of clouds. We were all wearing jerseys and most of us were wearing shortd.

First we went to the pitch, we carried our chairs, lunches and drinks. Finally Sports Day started. First we did a running race and some people were as fast as the wind. Next we balanced a ball on a racket. It was actually hard. Then we did an egg and spoon race. It was really fun. After that we did a skipping race. Later we ran a hurdles race. Next we balanced a beanbag on our heads. Finally we did a soloing race. It was difficult.

Eventually we heard the delightful music of the ice-cream van. The ice-cream was delicious. I had a wonderful time at Sports Day though I was exhausted.

By Alana 3rd Class